Enjoy Calella !

Calella is a perfect choice to enjoy a few relaxing days of sun and beach, but it can also offer many leisure options.

Discover Calella

Only 1 hour from Barcelona, it is a town that perfectly blends historic urban core filled with activity and culture – its narrow streets vibrate to the rhythm of the music of the bands – with over 2 miles  of sandy beaches where you can relax during the day

Guaranteed fun

For sports enthusiasts there is also a wide range of water sports such as kayaking and beach volleyball. Calella has a variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, dance halls, and music bars offering a complete nightlife for all ages.   In the Oktoberfest tent on the beach you will find a great atmosphere with music and dance every night. Come and enjoy the leisure and relaxation on the Mediterranean coast!

Interesting links

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The official Website of Calella where you can find practical information about the town

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OKTOBERFEST CALELLA – 08. to 22. October 2022 Registration period open